A special thanks to Riley, Bryon and the rest of Liberty High School for inviting me to get some homecoming pics. Click on any of the pictures below to see purchasing options.

All of the images are also available here, and the Gallery engine does require to go through an order process to download the images (it’s useful for the metrics, and it helps fight site scrapers; I think it’s required by the gallery plugin). Once the server sends you an email, you can click on your order’s receipt, and it’ll bring you back here for your permanent download link.  The cost of the picture also includes tax, and processing.  There is a flat rate per order for shipping, I can usually ship everything out in 1 package. I do a master order at the end of every week; it keeps my cost down.  The server will let you know all of the stages of ordering, shipping etc.  

Any questions, please send me an email, and special sessions are available as well.

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